RPG Inventory Premium – Testing 1.13.x support

RPG Inventory Premium – Testing 1.13.x support


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Legacy (< 1.13)
Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
Source Code:
OsipXD and Dereku
Languages Supported:
Czech, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Zhuang
The best way to get an answer to your question: [​IMG]
New inventory, pets, items and much more

Other forums: RuBukkit | Bukkit Dev
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For MC 1.7.10 – 1.8.8 use v1.3.5
(this version may contain errors and will not be updated due to the fact that it’s no longer supported)​

This plugin requires:
– ProtocolLib
– Vault
Also if you using v2.0.8 or lower, you need Lib’s Disguises.
If you use RPGInventory lower than v2.2.0, you may need Inspector v0.6.0


Screenshot_43.png Screenshot_45.png Screenshot_42.png Screenshot_38.png Screenshot_46.png ​

Plugins that supports RPGInventory slots

Level Systems that RPGInventory supports:

EXP (Vanilla)
SKILLS (Skills)
HEROES (Heroes)
RAC (RacesAndClasses)
RPGPL (RPG Player Leveling)​

Class Systems that RPGInventory supports:

PERMISSIONS (Class based on permissions),
SKILLS (Skills),
HEROES (Heroes),
RAC (RacesAndClasses)​


Tutorials (old but useful)

Q: Plugin breaks my other plugins based on chest GUI, how to fix it? (only for v1.3.5 and lower)
A: Just set resource-pack.mode in the config to DISABLED

Q: Can I change the title “RPG Inventory”?
A: Yes, see lang files

Q: Plugin is red in the plugins list.
A: Check option enabled in config.yml

Q: My RP wasn’t downloaded. I was kicked from my server.
A: Check RP settings. Maybe you typed incorrect URL or forgot to update hash. Read about joining process to understand why it happening.

Q: Where I can find hash for my RP?
A: You should calculate SHA-1 hash of your RP archive with something utility, like a HashTab.

Q: How I can change RP? What do 0.0019206145966709346 numbers mean? What is “textures by durability”?
A: Read this and this.

Q: I need to disable resource-pack downloading, how I can do it?
A: Since v2.0.8 you can use option resource-pack.enabled in config.yml for it.

Q: Placeholders does not work with Placeholders API.
A: You should use these placeholders.


  • Slot for elytra
  • Backpacks
  • Mounts
  • Automatic notify about updates
  • Not client mod
  • Force RP downloading
  • Custom items with flexible stats
  • Fully configurable slots
  • Slots for gloves, rings, amulet, artifacts, pet and all what you want
  • Flexible pets
  • System of buying vanilla inventory slots (money/lvl)
  • Improved battle system
  • No commands on the player side
  • Compatible with many RPG plugins
  • API
  • etc.


Default (MC 1.11 +):
Multilang [Diamond tools] (hash: 03040e0dbda5f98f3354c265dd723e0bd59071a6)
Multilang [Wooden tools] (hash: 0764d3f1d6c40302d45c1e8e11ae972b5c547abd)
Default (up to MC 1.10.2): Multilang [Diamond tools] (hash: ae5c418303fa4e8d749d6543b5eb9124412c3a3e)


  1. Copy .jar file into folder plugins
  2. Start server
  3. Configure resource-pack section and other in config.yml
  4. Set flag enabled: true
  5. Restart server

/rpginv – Show plugin commands
/rpginv open – Open inventory
/rpginv reload – Reload plugin config
/rpginv [pets|food|items|bp] – Shows pets or items or backpacks or food list
/rpginv pet [player] [pet] – Gives pet to player
/rpginv bp [player] [backpack] – Gives backpack to player
/rpginv item [player] [item] – Gives item to player
/rpginv food [player] [food] (amount) – Gives food to player

Before v2.1.6:
/rpginv list [pets|food|items|bp] – Shows pets or items or backpacks or food list

Before v1.3.5:
/rpginv textures (player) [enable|disable] – Enable/disable textures for player

rpginventory.admin – Gives access to all RPGInventory commands
rpginventory.user – Gives access to all user commands (open and textures)
rpginventory.container – Allows you to open containers
rpginventory.open – Allows you to open inventory by command
rpginventory.keep.items – Player with this permission will not lose items from vanilla inventory on dead
rpginventory.keep.armor – Player with this permission will not lose armor on dead
rpginventory.keep.rpginv – Player with this permission will not lose items from RPG inventory on dead

Only for v1.3.5 or lower:
rpginventory.textures – Allows you to enable/disable textures
rpginventory.textures.others – Allows you to enable/disable textures for you or other players