QuantumRPG | 1.9 – 1.13 4.0.5-ALPHA

QuantumRPG | 1.9 – 1.13 4.0.5-ALPHA


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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13

QuantumRPG – It’s a very powerful plugin that will add great RPG experience to your server! Over 25+ item stats, custom damage and defense types, gems, runes, essences, powers, skills, custom items, active items, parties and more more more! See below for details.

This is an ALPHA version of QuantumRPG 4.0 !!!
There are may be bugs, errors and some things may not work properly.
Some of 4.0 features are not included yet.

Plugin Wiki
Wiki for 4.0 is in progress!



Everything is customizable!
You can customize 90% of the plugin!

Custom Damage Types
You can create your own damage types with custom name, effects, hit actions, and even damage modifier by biomes!
There are 6 armor types by default:
• Physical
• Magical
• Poison
• Fire
• Water
• Wind

Custom Defense Types
You can create your own armor types with custom names, make it percentage or not, define what damage sources it will block, define what damage types it will block and it has it’s own damage formula!
There are 6 armor types by default:
• Physical
• Magical
• Poison
• Fire
• Water
• Wind

Ammo types for Bows
They are static, you may only change the name and format in item lore.
Available types:
• Arrow
• Snowball
• Egg
• Fireball
• Wither Skull
• Shulker Bullet
• Llama Spit
• Ender Pearl
• Exp Bottle

Weapon Hands
You can make a two-handed weapons, which means player will able to use only the main hand to hold it and won’t be able to put anything in off-hand.

Item Stats (25+)
• Direct Damage – Direct damage – ignores armor. [Percent]
• PvP Damage – Increase damage in PvP [Percent]
• PvE Damage – Increase damage in PvE [Percent]
• Dodge Chance – Chance to dodge the attack [Percent]
• Block Rate – Chance to block the attack [Percent]
• Block Damage – Amount of blocked damage [Percent]
• PvP Defense – Additional defense in PvP [Percent]
• PvE Defense – Additional defense in PvE [Percent]
• Critical Rate – Chance to deal critical strike [Percent]
• Critical Damage – Modifier of damage on crit. strike.
• Movement Speed – Increase movement speed [Percent]
• Durability – Durability of an item
• Durability Unbreak – Unbreakable item
• Penetration – Ignore the part of enemy armour [Percent]
• Attack Speed – Increase the attack speed of weapon [Percent]
• Vampirism – The part of your damage will restore your health. [Percent]
• Accuracy Rate – Chance to ignore the enemy dodging. [Percent]
• Max Health – Increase the max health of player.
• Range – Increase the weapon damage distance.
• AoE Damage – AoE Damage. [Percent]
• Burn Rate – Chance to burn the enemy. [Percent]
• Loot Rate – Increase the chance to get items. [Percent]
 Disarm Rate – Chance to disarm the enemy. [Percent]
 Bleed Rate – Chance to make the enemy bleed. [Percent]
 Sale Price – Increases the item sale price. [Percent]
 Health Regen – Increases the health regeneration. [Percent]
 Mana Regen – Increases the mana regeneration. [Percent] [Skills/SkillAPI]
 Thornmail – Returns % of the damage back to attacker. [Percent]

Plugin Modules (20+)
• Each module can be disabled totally if you don’t want to use it.
• Each module has it’s own commands (configurable).
• Each module has it’s own messages output type (Chat, ActionBar, Titles or None to disable).


Active Items
Items which can be used by left/right mouse buttons.
» Upon to 4th different click-actions on item!
» Custom placeholders to use in actions.
» Min. and max. level.
» Placeholders scaling depend on item level.
» Amount of uses before item will disappear (may be unlimited).
» Cooldown for each click.
» Custom effects, commands, on item use.

Custom arrows to use with bow.
» Increase/Add item stats on hit (like +50% crit. chance).
» Increase/Add damage types on hit (like +10 fire damage).
» Decrease the enemy defense on hit.
» Effects, sounds, commands on arrow fly.
» Effects, sounds, commamds on arrow hit.

Allows to increase specified stat/damage/defense of player for a time.
» Player can have multiple buffs at the same time.
» Buffs stats are sums when adding.

Combat Log
Displays the taken and dealt damage.
» Option to ignore zero damage.
» Different sounds on hit by type (can be disabled).
» Different messages by type (can be disabled).
» Different damage display per damage type.
» Different damage display per damage cause.
» Support HolographicDisplays.

It’s a custom food with custom effects!
» Prevent consume on full health or/and hunger.
» Cooldown per food.
» Support potion colors.
» Support custom head skins.
» Amount of health and hunger to regenerate.
» Effects, sounds, commands on consume.
» Workbench recipes!
» Furnace recipes with cook-time and exp for craft!

Custom Items
Just like active items, but unlimited usage and with item-stats.
» Upon to 4th different click-actions on item!
» Cooldown per each click-type.
» Randomized item-stats.
» Randomized damage and defense types.
» Colors for leather armor and potions.
» Custom skins for skulls.
» Support all plugin stats/placeholders.

Drop manager for QPRG’s items.
» Multipliers for permission groups.
» Different settings for each module.
» Option ‘roll once’ to prevent to drop many items at one time.
» Level penalty. If player level is more than mob level on N, mob won’t drop anything.
» World white-list.
» Biome black-list.
» Region (WorldGuard) black-list.
» Entity white-list.
» MythicMobs white-list.
» Prevent drop from spawn reasons (like mobs from spawn egg).
» Additional conditions per each item in drop table (optional).
» Min. and max. level for each item in drop table.

Essences can be socketed in your items to give you particle effects.
» Socketing GUI.
» Sounds and effects on socketing.
» Min and max level per essence.
» Min and max success socket rate per essence.
» Different material per essence.
» Different effect type per essence.
» Different effect name per essence.

Depends on Vault.
Allows you to extract gems, essences and runes from items by a cost.
» Extract GUI.
» Tool to extract.
» Citizens trait support.
» Different cost per socket-type.
» Cost increasing per item level.

Gems can be socketed in your items to give you bonus stat/damage/defense.
» Socketing GUI.
» Sounds and effects on socketing.
» Min and max level per gem.
» Min and max success socket rate per gem.
» Different material per gem.
» Custom placeholders to use in.
» Placeholders increasing per gem level.
» Support item stat/damage/defense.
» Item types which can socket gem.

Unidentified items – it’s items with unknown stats and attributes until they identified. To identify items you should use identify tome.
» Support all QRPG item-modules.
» Different tomes for unidentified items.

Item Hints
Displays item names and glows them while on the ground.
» Option to disable specified module from hint.
» Option to hint only custom-name items.
» Option to disable item glow.
» Glow color depends on item color.
» Material black-list for glow.
» Material black-list for hint.
» Display format for single and multi items.

Magic Dust
Increases success rate of socket-items.
» Min and max level.
» Max success rate after which dust can’t be applied.
» Rate increase per dust level.
» Sounds and effects on use.

Notifies players on some actions.
» Notify when item durability is too low.

Allows to create parties for team-play.
» Party GUI.
» Max party size configurable.
» Max party size can be depend on player group.
» Teleport between members.
» Party chat.
» Drop mode (Free, Auto, Leader, Roll). Not work in 4.0-ALFA because there is no Loot module.
» Sounds.
» Quests hook to count mob-kills for all party. Not work in 4.0-ALFA.
» Mob exp balance for every party member level. Not work in 4.0-ALFA.

Allows to repair items with custom durability.
» Repair GUI.
» 3 repair types: Exp, Material, Vault.
» Citizens trait support.
» Vanilla anvil support.
» An item (tool) to repair.
» Custom material-tables.
» Sounds and effects on repair.

Allows to resolve QPRG items to get source materials.
» Resolve GUI.
» An item (tool) to resolve.
» Citizens trait support.
» Different source table per module.
» Commands support in source table.

Runes can be socketed in your items to give you potion effects.
» Socketing GUI.
» Sounds and effects on socketing.
» Min and max level per rune.
» Min and max success socket rate per rune.
» Different material per rune.
» Different effect per rune.

Allows to sell QPRG items.
» Sell GUI.
» Citizens trait support.
» Increase price for item level.
» Increase price for item type (module).
» Increase price for item material.
» Increase price for item stat.
» Increase price for item damage.
» Increase price for item defense.

Allows to get bonuses while wearing set of items.
» Dynamic item lore.
» Customizable format.
» Support for stat/damage/defense bonuses.
» Support potion effects.
» Custom colors for each set.

Allows to create untradeable items, items with soulbound.
» Soulbound GUI.
» Commands black-list.
» Bind item to player (for untradeable) on click, pickup, drop, use item.
» Save soulbound items on death.
» Disallow to drop, pickup, use items with owner.

Powerful item generator with randomized values.
» Unlimited amount of possible items.
» Unlimited amount of prefixes/suffixes.
» Prefixes/suffixes by item type.
» Prefixes/suffixes by item material.
» Prefixes/suffixes by item tier.
» Prefix and suffix chance.
» Custom name and lore format for each tier.
» Material black(white) list.
» Material data black(white) list.
» Option to only safe enchants.
» Random colors for leather armor.
» Random patterns for shields and banners.
» Random enchants.
» Random damage and defense types.
» Random ammot types for bows.
» Random item stats.
» Random socket types.
» Soulbound, untradeable support.
» Level restrictions.
» Class restrictions.
» Scale item stats by item level.
» Option to limit max item stats and bonus stats.

• %qrpg_itemstat_<type>% – Displays the value of your attribute.
 %qrpg_damage_<type>% – Displays the damage value of specified type.
 %qrpg_defense_<type>% – Displays the defense value of specified type.


• /qrpg help – Help page
• /qrpg modify – Modify the item in hand.
• /qrpg set – Add attributes to the item.
• /qrpg reload – Reload the plugin.
• /qrpg info – Plugin info.

Default Module Commands:
• /<module> help – List of all module commands.
• /<module> info – Info about module.
• /<module> reload – Reload the module.

Item-Module Commands:
• /<module> get <id> [level] [amount] – Get an specified item.
• /<module> give <player> <id> [level] [amount] – Get an specified item.
• /<module> drop <world> <x> <y> <z> <id> [level] [amount] – Drop an specified item.
• /<module> list <id> [level] [amount] – List of all module items.

GUI-Module Commands:
• /<module> open – Opens module GUI. Works for Repair, Resolve, Extractor and Sell.

• /buffs add <player> <type> <name> <amount> <duration> – Adds a buff
to a player.
• /buffs reset <player> <type> <name> – Reset a buff from a player.
• /buffs resetall <player> – Reset all buffs from a player.

• /soulbound set <True/False> [Position] – Marks/Unmarks an item with soulbound.
• /soulbound untradeable <True/False> [Position] – Marks/Unmarks the item as untradable.

• /qrpg modify name <name> – Change display name of the item.
• /qrpg modify lore add <text> [line] – Add lore line.
• /qrpg modify lore del [line] – Remove lore line.
• /qrpg modify lore clear – Clear item lore.
• /qrpg modify flag add <flag> – Add a flag to item.
• /qrpg modify flag del <flag> – Remove a flag from the item.
• /qrpg modify nbt add <tag> <value> – Add an NBT Tag to item.
• /qrpg modify nbt del <tag> – Remove NBT Tag from item.
• /qrpg modify enchant <enchantment> <level> – Enchants item.
• /qrpg modify potion <effect> <level> <duration> [ambient] [particles] [R,G,B] – Modify potion effects.
• /qrpg modify eggtype <entity type> – Change the monster egg type.
• /qrpg modify color <R,G,B> – Change the color of leather armor.

• /qrpg set attribute <type> <value> [line] – Set the attribute to item.
• /qrpg set bonus <type> <value> [line] – Set the attribute to item.
• /qrpg set level <number> [line] – Add level requirements to item.
• /qrpg set class <Class1,Class2,Etc> [line] – Add class requirements to item.
• /qrpg set damagetype <type> <min> <max> [line] – Set the type of damage to item.
• /qrpg set armortype <type> <amount> [line] – Set the type of armor to item.
• /qrpg set ammotype <type> [line] – Set the type of ammo to bow.
• /qrpg set slot <type> [line] – Add an empty slot to item.

Permission for all commands is qrpg.admin
Permission to define player class (if no class plugin): qrpg.class.<name>

Bypass permissions:
 qrpg.bypass.soulbound – Bypass item soulbound/bind
 qrpg.bypass.level – Bypass item level requirements
 qrpg.bypass.owner – Bypass item owner
 qrpg.bypass.class – Bypass item class requirements


• Spigot 1.9+
• Java 7+
• Vault

• HolographicDisplays – for damage indicators.
• MythicMobs – for random drops.
• SkillAPI – Item Level & Class requirements.
• Skills(Pro) – Item Level & Class requirements.
• Heroes – Item Level & Class requirements.
• BattleLevels – Item Level requirements.
 PvPLevels – Item Level requirements.
• PlaceholderAPI – Display player stats.
• Citizens
• WorldGuard – Disable/Enable drops in regions.
• RPGInventory – Support RPGInventory item slots.
• mcMMO – Item Level requirements.
• RacesOfThana – Item class (race) requirements.


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Please avoid posting bad ratings before asking. If you have problems or bugs with the plugin contact with me or post on the plugin discussion and I will take a look at it.