Player Emotes Pro | Custom, Unlimited Emotes, GUI Builder [1.7.10 – 1.12.2]

Player Emotes Pro | Custom, Unlimited Emotes, GUI Builder [1.7.10 – 1.12.2]


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Native Minecraft Version:
Legacy (< 1.13)
Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
Darkblade12 (ParticleEffect lib)
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Welcome to Player Emotes Pro! This plugin allows you to create infinite emotes as well as use built-in emotes, both with several options for particles, faces, holograms and sounds! Permissions for all emotes, even your custom ones, making this a wonderful EULA friendly plugin!
Player Emotes Pro lets players run a command or use a GUI to share their emotions or actions with everyone on your server, with the option to target a specific player to include in their emotions or actions!

  • Incredible In-Game editor/creator
  • Infinite Heads & Animated Heads
  • 14 styles of Particle effects
  • Holographic Displays Support
  • Use any Minecraft sounds
  • Unlimited Emotes
  • Fully configurable
  • Ignore Command to hide Emotes output
  • GUI for Awesome Emote Selection & editing
  • Permissions for everything (See below)
  • Cooldowns to avoid spam
  • Placeholders for Emoter & Target names
  • Venture Chat hook to allow more control over who sees the Emotes
    • Only sends the Emote to the channel the Player is currently talking in!
    • People listening to that channel, even if they are not talking in that channel will get the Emote
    • Uses the distance of the channel so only people in that radius will see the Emote
    • Get VentureChat HERE
  • More to Come! Leave a suggestion if you would like to see a certain feature added!



If you’re using this plugin on a version below 1.8 you will not be able to use the heads/faces. Use 1.8 or higher for more functionality.


Particle Styles


  • /emotes – (Displays help information)
  • /emotetest <effect> – (Allows admins to test emote effects)
  • /em – (Opens Emotes Menu)
  • / emotes give <player> (Gives the player a menu item if they don’t have one)
  • /emotes forcegive <player (Gives the player the menu item even if they have one)
  • /emotes menu – (Alternative for opening Menu)
  • /emotes ignore – (Toggles Emotes for the user)
  • /emotes reload – (Reloads config & messages)
  • /emotes remove [player] – (Remove the player or yourself from the cooldown)


Code (Text):
Admin Permissions:
emotes.* – Gives ALL permissions for this plugin! – Access to the build menu* – Access to all built menu options – Access to create emotes – Access to edit emotes – Access to delete emotes
emotes.emotetest – Gives permission to /emotetest command
emotes.give.force – Allows the user to use /emotes forcegive
emotes.give – Allows the user to use /emotes give
emotes.cooldown.remove – Allows the user to use /emotes remove
emotes.cooldown.bypass – Makes the user bypass the cooldown
emotes.reload – Allows the user to reload the plugin with /emotes reloadUser Permissions:
[Whatever permissions you make for emotes]
emotes.hear – Shows the user messages in chat – Allows the player to open the emotes menu
emotes.list – Lists all of the emotes a player has permission to
emotes.ignore – Allows the user to ignore Emotes (This will persist after restarts)

To Do
  • Custom Sound effects (Combination of sounds to produce emote like sounds)
  • Use emote head as GUI Icon
  • Random Emote Button
  • Favorite Emote Buttom
  • Emote Use Tracking (Keeps stats on which emotes each user uses the most and overall most used emotes so you know which ones people like the most)
  • — More upon request —
File Examples and Explanations

Always use notepad++ or notepadqq when editing
All default files can be found on the Wiki!


  1. Place the plugin in your plugins folder​
  2. ActionBarAPI is required for use of the action bar, but it’s not required. Also, a permissions plugin for the emotes permissions!​
  3. Restart your server (never use /reload)​
  4. Make some custom emotes and an awesome, easy to set up GUI! (When you like what you have, do /emotes reload to update in game)​
  5. Enjoy!​
  6. (Optional) Leave a 5 Star review and post some suggestions in the discussion! :)

If you find any bugs or come across any errors (which is unlikely), please contact me here on the forums. You can either leave a reply in the discussion or PM me!

Terms of Use!