Advanced Abilities [1.7 ~ 1.13] |

Advanced Abilities [1.7 ~ 1.13] |


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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
Languages Supported:
English, Spanish (Español), Portuguese (Português), Chinese (中文)
⚠ 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 & 1.13 ⚠
⚠ Tested in: Spigot & PaperSpigot Wiki.png About.png

Improve your server pvp/pve fights, players will be able to use abilities to make the fights more interesting, but not all abilities are for fighting, there are abilities to get more blocks on mining, to reduce the damage of some events like fall, potions, resistance and others. You can add more abilities using the easy API (Basic java knowledge), plugin has 14 abilities by default.

The plugin supports many minecraft versions (1.7 ~ 1.13); You can edit/add/remove anything, plugin has more than 10 configurable files.

Advanced Abilities supports MySQL and SQLite(local), if you have a network you can use MySQL to save player abilities in your servers.

Do you have a survival, factions or similar game mode?, you can use RPG system; players will need to get XP to level up instead of buy abilities like with themoney system (default system). Configure the XP needed per each level, players will need to get these XPs to level up. There are ’11’ customizable events for XP giving that you can configure, you can edit/add/remove all rewards! RPG has a ‘booster/multipliers‘ system, you can give improvements for your VIP players (players with ranks); players will earn more XP than player without a VIP rank, you can create infinite boosts for ranks.


RPG was created for survival/faction servers, anyway you can also use this mode in other server style.
This will make your server more entertaining, players will need to kill mobs, kill players, mining, and more events to get XP, each level has a custom requirement of XP, players have to reach the requirement to level up! RPG has a ‘booster/multiplier’ system to you can give an advantage to players with ranks.

Customizable events:

Code (Text):
kill_player break_block, hit_mob_by_arrow_shot, hit_player_by_arrow_shot
fall_damage, tick_fire_damage, block_damage, block_projectile, kill_mob
Watch the video:

With the new updates you will be able to create holograms with player stats information, this doesn´t need another plugin.

But if you want to use HolographicDisplays instead of the plugin system then you can “hook” it in hologram configuration.


Main features:

  • Abilities: the plugin has 14 abilities, you can add more abilities using the API, these are all abilities: [Triple arrow shot, Adrenaline boost, Feather weight, Aggressive mode, Arrow tank skin, Antidote, Legendary protection, Vampire mode, Mining luck, Woodchopping luck, Pirate, Fire resistance, Explosive arrow, Sword push].
  • Version support: This plugin is compatible with the most used versions (1.7.10 to 1.10). Other plugins have problems with versions but this one support many server versions.
  • GUI: for the moment there are 2 menu types, one of these is ‘icons’ you can set this type if you want only the logo instead of levels items in the menu, the other one is ‘default’, this is the classic menu with levels items and logos. Each type has a configuration in menus folder.
  • Selector menu: you can use the selector menu to players can select their abilities and them buy or leveling themYou can add custom limit per permission.
  • Fully adjustable: you can edit everything, you can edit: titles, descriptions, items, slots, names, animations, times, and more! Take a look at files.
  • Economy: Advanced Abilities has a good economy system, you can set any money type (currency) to any price. The plugin has ‘Vault’ and ‘PlayerPoints’, but if you use other money system you can hook it to AdvancedAbilities from de API.
  • Secondary system: you can set one of these types: [MAX_ABILITIES, CLASSES] as secondary system; use MAX_ABILITIES if you want to players can select their abilities with a limit (limits are by permission, it’s nice for vip players); use CLASSES if you want to players can select their classes.
  • Storage: there are 2 storage types, one is ‘local’, if you use this then player abilities will be saved in the local database (SQL). The other one is ‘mysql’, if you use this then player abilities will be saved in MySQL’s database.
  • Holograms: you can create holograms to players can see their abilities stats.

Others features:

  • Custom purchasein this plugin the money is not the only way to pay, you can add money, items and xp (vanilla), for example you can do that players have to pay with items instead of with money, also you can do both.
  • API: you can create your own abilities and you can hook your money system to Advanced Abilities from the API!
  • Locations: the plugin supports ‘Factions’ and ‘WorldGuard’, you can disable any event to regiones, factions or worlds.
  • Languages: the plugin contains 5 files of translations: english, spanish(español), spanish (Español-Argentina), chinese (中文) and portuguese(Português).
  • Discounts/Multipliers: you can do discounts/multipliers for players with ranks, take a look at ‘player-settings.yml’ file.


Triple arrow shot:


Explosive arrow:

Sword push:

Thor’s axe – API


Plugin has 14 abilities by default, you can add custom abilities using the API, the ability created using the api will be added in “abilities_api” folder, in the folder you can modify the material, description for each level, logo, price, currency-type, “permission to buy” and “buy by items“, like a normal ability. If you don’t understand how to create an ability PM me, I will help you, these are plugin abilities:

  • Triple arrow shot: Shoot 3 arrows at the same time.
  • Adrenaline boost: When you get hurt by arrow have the chance to get a speed boost.
  • Feather weight: Take less fall damage.
  • Aggressive mode: Do more damage when you have less than 5 hearts.
  • Arrow tank skin: Take less damage from arrows.
  • Antidote: Reduces damage caused by potion
  • Legendary protection: Have a possibility to reduce damage.
  • Vampire mode: Regain some health when you kill a player.
  • Mining luck: Mining skill is increased so you can get more from each ore.
  • Woodchopping luck: Woodchopping skill is increased so you can get more from logs from a single piece.
  • Pirate: Find hidden treasures in dirt.
  • Fire resistance: Take less fire damage.
  • Explosive arrow: Shoot explosive arrows.
  • Sword push: Chance to push the close entities.
  • /abilities menu – Opens abilities menu.
  • /abilities open – Opens the menu to a player.
  • /abilities rpg – See your rpg stats.
  • /abilities stats – See your stats. (abilities levels)
  • /abilities reset – Resets player stats.
  • /abilities menu page <number> – Opens a page of abilities menu.
  • /abilities reset confirm – Confirms the reset process.
  • /abilities rpg player – See the player selected rpg stats
  • /abilities help – Opens help page.
  • /abilities stats player – See player selected stats.
  • /abilities hologram create – Creates hologram in your location.
  • /abilities hologram list – See the hologram list.
  • /abilities hologram remove – Removes a hologram.
  • /abilities select – Select your abilities.
  • /abilities select <player> – Opens the select menu to a player.
  • /abilities level add/set <ability_id> <amount> – Add/set abilities levels.
  • /abilities level player add/set <player> <ability_id> <amount> – Add/set abilities levels to a player.

Permissions: These are ‘static’ permissions, you will be able to edit other permissions in the configuration files.​

  • advancedabilities.*  all permisions in one.
  • advancedabilities.admin  permission to create holograms, reset stats, open other, more…
  • advancedabilities.stats.other  permission to see a player stats.
  • – permission to open the selector menu.
  • – permission to open the selector menu to a player.

Now you can add CUSTOM-ABILITIES, and CUSTOM-ECONOMY on your server!, Look the wiki and api for more information. if you have a doubt contact me!.

How to install an API ability?
You just have to drop your ability jar (plugin) in /plugins/AdvancedAbilities/abilities/api, the configuration files will be generated in the folder with the plugin name. Custom abilities will not work in /plugins folder!



  1. Drop AdvancedAbilities.jar into your plugins folder.
  2. Start your server to generate plugin folder.
  3. Stop your server and go to plugin folder (/plugins/AdvancedAbilities/).
  4. Read all files and adjust the configuration as you want.
  5. Start your server, that’s it!